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  1. The phases of the journey you need to be aware of
  2. The method of communication

    1. What to say at each step (message)
    2. How to say it (medium)
    3. When to do it (timing is everything)


What will be covered:


Week 1:

The Marketing and Sales Message

How to best offer value that helps them make the best decision for themselves


Week 2:

Buyers Remorse And Delivery Message

How to prevent the emotional turn that happens when excitement turns into remorse and ENERGIZE the relationship


Week 3:

Familiarity And The Bonding Message

How to help the client understand how the company operates by bridging the gap between where they are in reality and where they think they are. (Proactive Empathy)


This is the BECOMING of Preeminence and leadership


Week 4:

Achievement and Success Messaging

How to pay attention to the client being happy/fulfilled instead of arbitrary goals or assumptions.


We often see people achieve things and be upset or NOT achieve things and he happy.


Week 5:

The Transfer Of Ownership Messaging


How to get your client to adopt the business, show support/affinity and take ownership of the long term relationship.


This is the point of "loyalty"


Week 6:

The Human Billboard


The client becomes a raving fan and a billboard/walking advertisement for your company and/or brand.


Will also cover:


  1. Why logic causes churn
  2. How we must understand brain science and human behavior
  3. How a heavy bias toward acquisition (marketing and sales) makes it easy to forget the basics. It's easier to pay to play (until it isn't)


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