Read This If You Want To Grow Your Business Without Stress, Overwhelm Or Fitting Into Someone Else's "Box"



If you are reading this that means that you have, somehow, become keen on the idea of our private client group, "The Network".


That is all fine and dandy but first you must know.... 


This Isn't For Everyone.

This is not some "lean-out" sales tactic. 


I really do not let most people in. This is not a typical group, mentorship or Mastermind. 


Not by any stretch.


See, the main reason people join the Network is not because they are looking for a cookie cutter system to attracting and enrolling clients.


They are NOT looking for shortcuts and quicker ways to solve their problems. 


They join because they are looking for one thing: 

Simple, Predictable Growth. 

They don't want to bang their head up against the wall building webinars or violating their unique disposition as service providers and business owners. 


They want clarity, focus and the resources to achieve their business goals. 


We give them that. 


We help them figure out EXACTLY what they need to do and then help them do it.


It all starts with the... 



Identifying The "Best Process"

We have years of experience in multiple different industries and have achieved success with multiple different models. 


Here is the thing:




Once we identify the process our clients SHOULD be creating and cultivating it's like a whole new world to them.


They go from..

Ready To Quit Altogether To Totally Dominating Their Market

Sometimes we change their front end offer...


Sometimes we double down on what's working and eliminate everything else...


Other times we simply bolt on a back end that it is congruent with the client's natural disposition... 


No cookie cutter here. 



Here's What I've Got

Our private clients are in an exclusive program called The Network. 


I'd like you to join us. 


Our entire focus is on finding the single BEST PROCESS, perfecting it, implementing it and repeating it. 


Once that is implemented, delegated and running itself - we identify the next NEST PROCESS and implement that. 


Cool, huh?


We do this by meeting every 90 days. 


You meet with me and my team.


We will meet by phone call when necessary and you will have full access to my team between meetings. 


If you get accepted I will make sure you are thrilled about your decision. 


But please let me be honest. 



Before You Apply You Need To Know:

The Network is not cheap. 


You will be expected to implement the things we talk about. 


And... if you or your business do not actually have a good product or solve a real problem...


I won't let you in. Period. 


You do not have to have a seven figure business to qualify but if you are in the six figures - you need to have momentum currently. 


Here's How To Apply

There is an application process designed to filter out tire kickers and flakes. 


Here's how it works:


1. You fill out an application at the bottom of this letter. 


2. After you fill it out I will review it personally. 


3. If we think you *might* be a good fit, I'll have my head of sales and "protect Nic" squad reach out and schedule a quick 15 minute call so you can get your questions answered. 


4. Assuming you both still feel like we're a good fit, I will schedule a call with you personally. 


5. That call will be 30-40 minutes and if I think we're a good match, I'll invite you to participate. 


If you feel like this might be right for you scroll down and fill out the form below. 


Thanks for taking the time. Look forward to hanging out and jamming on your business soon. 


Nic Peterson


PS. You might be wondering how this is different from other Mastermind Groups out there. 


In short, the difference is THE NETWORK.


Yes, you get access to me, my partners and my team. 


Yes, they are amazing and you will learn more than you'd ever imagine. 


Are you going to get ridiculous value from having us personally work on your business? You bet. 


But what you're getting is access to people you would never otherwise have access to. 


People that charge over 5 figures for a day will spend a day with you for FREE because you're one of us. 


Access and support is the biggest difference. 


Me and my team are just a ridiculously valuable bonus. 


Request Invitation Below:

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